Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Talk About Old(er) People

Today, I raced the Tri The Dam Sprint Triathlon down in Hartwell, Georgia... I am very happy about the race (even though the race results probably don't look that way) and the race report will follow hopefully tomorrow... But that's not what I wanna talk about.

What I want to talk about are the people at these events, because there are some great inspirational women and men out there.

For example the two ladies that parked right next to me. One of them is 65 and did her first duathlon and the other one is 70 (has a pace-maker as I found out later) and did the triathlon. Those two ladies were out there rocking it! When I packed up my stuff, I met the one that did the duathlon in transition. She was also done already and we got to talk a little. I told her, that I found it inspirational that they are participating in these events and put themselves out there and that I hope, that I'll be still racing at her age. She answered: "If you take care of yourself and work hard, you can do this too!" Amen, sister!

And then there was this 71 year old dude that I leap-frogged with for the last couple of miles of the bike course. We went back and forth for the longest until he just left me in the dust... At 71!! I am less then half his age!!! Ridiculous and very inspirational.

What has inspired you lately? ;-)

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  1. some of these older people are crazy! i always feel real cool when i see i got beat by a 70+ yr old :) but, it is definitely cool that they are still going at it, and doing well!