Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yoga Bikemute

For today, I had grand plans of some sort of longer bike ride, but then I woke up with a stiff neck and decided to do some yoga instead.

Still wanted to ride the bike a little bit and so I ended up riding to YMCA and back home. Round trip was around 18 miles at a very easy pace on the hybrid. I just enjoyed being outside!

The yoga worked some of the kinks out of my neck.... It feels better, but it's not good yet. Silly neck these days.

Here are some pictures from my ride back home.

Parking for the hybrid.

Yes, I am wearing flip flops and I have the Garmin on the bike.

Creek in Cleveland Park.

Follow the rabbit.

Redone bridge in Cleveland Park.

The Reedy River.

Smile! ;-)

Another shot of the Reedy.

Memorial in Cleveland Park.

Word Art.

Liberty Bridge - Never gets old.

River Falls Park.

Wall Art.

Liberty Bridge from below.

Swamp Rabbit Trail.

More Trail.

More smiles.

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