Monday, May 23, 2011

Room for Improvement

Remember, that this is supposed to be a triathlon blog??
And I actually have a tri scheduled in two weeks. Yikes!

Even though I mostly talked about cycling in the last couple of months, I actually got two swims and two runs in most weeks since January.... But I really didn't pay much attention to swimming and running lately. While that's not a big deal in the pool, since I am comfortable and confident in my swimming abilities, it's a completely different ball game when it comes to running. I had a string of mediocre runs lately... And my attitude towards running certainly doesn't help things right now.

Nevertheless, I got out for a run last night and it wasn't pretty - again.

Over the weekend, it all of sudden was summer in SC and that played a role in this too, but in general, I haven't been running much lately and it shows.

I was supposed to run 4x 2 songs at tempo after a warm-up. That was a nice change in routine. So I plugged the headphones in and got on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I don't feel comfortable running with music while on regular roads. During the 3rd tempo section, I already didn't feel all that great and in didn't helpt, that I picked the two longest (well the shuffle picked it) songs for this. Funny enough, it was my fasted interval and yes, please don't laugh... 9:23 pace is actually my tempo pace... I know, I have a lot of room for improvement here!

The last interval was cut short by some rumblings in my tummy, so I slowed down and felt alright to do my cooldown... No emergencies! PHEW! Honestly, I am not surprised by that rumbling, looking at the kind of crap I treated myself to over the last week of indulgence recovery.

Once back home, I made myself a recovery smoothie and called it a day.

In the smoothie went a scoop of recovery powder, a banana, a can of coconut water and the last crumbles of frozen blueberries.

That hit the spot! :-)

In order to get my nutrition back on track, I pre cooked a couple of meals yesterday. This way, I just take my lunch from home instead of eating out all week.

Currently, my favorite go-to easy and healthy meal is this quinoa salad. The first time I made the salad, I basically followed the recipe to the T. In the meantime, I just throw in there, whatever I have in my fridge and in the pantry. So this week's creation includes (besides the quinoa): cucumbers, cherry tomatos, feta, olives, avocado, spinach, spring onion and bell pepper... Good stuff... Terry normally doesn't eat feta cheese, but he doesn't mind it in this salad at all. Winning!

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  1. the one time i bought quinoa it did not look dark like it does on that recipe? it was a lighter color similar to brown rice... hmm. anyway thanks for that link - i have been wanting to try out some "cold quinoa" recipes vs heating it up. i didn't know if i could just eat it cold.

    hey tempo runs are tough, no matter what your tempo pace is!! way to get it done, and on hot sunday evening ... blech.