Saturday, May 14, 2011

Full Circle... Kind of.

Sometime last year in November, I was on a 30-mile ride with one of my dearest training friends. She just did her first half ironman a couple of weeks earlier and we took the ride easy (translation: chit chatted a lot). While pedaling along on the short Tour de Red Cell course, we talked about the option of doing Mitchell together this year. We both had our reservations of doing the training alone, especially the long miles in the mountains. We decided, that if both of our schedules worked out, we would do it. Well, the schedules worked out and now we are both just two days away from doing our first Assault.

I won't repeat my training of the last several month now. You all suffered through reading about it enough! ;-)

Sooooo.... Today, the two of us did the same route. It was much warmer today then it was back in November, so that was nice. We took it easy again (yes... more chit chat) and just took the legs out for a little spin. The hay is in the barn and you can't cram for an endurance event, like you can cram for an exam... So here we go!

We can do this! ;-)

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  1. i didn't know you had a friend in it with you the whole way! how did i miss that. anyway, i was computer-less all weekend... so congrats again on aomm!