Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Race Report: 2011 Mud Run

Better late than never! ;-)

If you already checked out the Mud Run Video, then you can basically skip this race report... You have seen it ALL!

If you were one of those, that didn't want to spend 13 minutes of their lives watching a video of people they don't know covered in mud.... I understand. I really do. But it is an awesome video, so if you have a change of heart or a little extra time on you hand, you should totally check it out!

For everyone interested in more picures of the Mud Run and a little more inside scoop... Here we go.


Team D.N.R. got a couple extra goons for this one and even though, not all the regulars from our 12 people relay extravaganza were able to join for the Mud Run, we were able to expand the cult and ended up with 4 DNR teams (= 16 people!)

We had one A wave group (out for blood) and the other three were C wave groups (we wanna have fun, but we can run!). My lovely husband was part of the fast group and the faster you signed up, the earlier was the starting time.... In order for the boys to have their camera team (of one) with them, I headed out to the Donaldson Center to see the fast guys run and to document it... Well, the first and last obstacle that is, no way I keep up with them.

Gun Show courtesy of Team D.N.R. 1
Not quite so chipper anymore, but still trucking along big time!
Good and dirty at the finish line.

Once, the boys were done and cleaned up, the other goonies also started to arrive. There were tons of new faces and many hugs and stuff for all the goonies, I haven't seen in a while. I also met the two guys that completed my team (D.N.R. 4) for this adventure!

Team D.N.R. 2, 3 and 4 lined up in the starting chute.

Team D.N.R. 3 waiting for the "GOOOOOO!"

Team D.N.R. 4 goofing off at the start line.... Or was that just me?

Team D.N.R. 4 made it through the first obstacle! Yay!

Team D.N.R. 2 coming in to tackle the remaining three obstacles.
Team D.N.R. 3 climbing the final wall.... The biggest of them all.
Team D.N.R. 4 about to be done as well!

Our final time? Let's just say, that we got our money's worth out of the course... ;-)

If you ever thought about doing a mud run, stop thinking and just sign up. This is the most fun a run race can ever be... And I am not kidding!!! As a piece of advice: wear knee high socks, gloves and arm warmers or a long sleeve shirt. I did have the knee highs and the gloves and they made a big difference, but I was so wishing for arm warmers after we had to crawl underneath an obstacle.

And another (baby) gun show!
Since Terry already got his run out of the way in the morning, he was the one video taping us... aka running circles around us... It was almost like he was mocking us with his speed! ;-)

Trying to hug without touching! ;-)
After we all cleaned up some, we headed to Mellow Mushroom for some pizza, beer and goon-company... Pure awesomeness!!

Can't wait until next year!

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