Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY: Peach Tea Latte

I don't drink coffee, at least I don't usually drink coffee. It's the taste and the smell and everything that goes along with it. Now, if you serve me a coffee, that is diluted with milk, syrup and sugar... That's a whole different story.

Since I am trying to get my Coke Zero addiction under control, but unfortunately don't get enough beauty sleep most of the time, I try to get my caffeine fix in form of black tea.

According to the caffeine meter, this tea ranks below cola, but I swear, two tea bags of "Morning Thunder" (am I the only one that has to giggle at the name??) and I feel like bouncing off the walls.

In order not to be the "crazy" person in the office, I did a little experiment  with one bag of "Morning Thunder", one bag of peach tea and the standard office issue of the non-diary creamer and here we go:


Heaven. And it didn't even need sugar.

Because it was so yummy, I made another one of those and as mentioned above, two bags of the black tea and I am a jittery, over-caffeinated mess.

Hah.... I don't need you Starbucks! ;-)

On a completely unrelated note:
What the heck "Words For Friends"??? How am I supposed to do anything with THIS????

 Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. It's here!! Are you ready for Monday?! Starting to get excited and chomping at the bit; I wish you much success as we tackle the mountain! Be safe and ride your ride!