Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Race Shirts

To follow a prompt from the blog Caution: Redhead Running, please enjoy the best and the worst race shirts in my closet divided in the divisions "technical" and "cotton":

Worst in the division "cotton" takes:

As if the color of the shirt wasn't bad enough,
I ended up with "large" one even though I was pre-registered. Not cool!

Best in the division "cotton" takes:
This is also a brown shirt, but the brown is darker and of course it fits.
I wear this shirt all the time!

Worst in the division "technical" goes to:
No, they didn't once again run out of small shirts.... This is a small.
Even the guys complained, because it was too big on them too.
A shame, because I thought the logo was really fun.

Best in the division "technical" goes to:
I don't know if this is a women cut shirt or if it's regular, but runs really small.
Either way, I run in this shirt all the time and it just fits!
That's the type of shirt, I wish every race would hand out.
A couple of longsleeves sprinkled in would be nice too! ;-)

Maybe, just maybe a couple of race directors start listening to the growing portion of female athletes entering races.

If you want to play along, just see for instruction in Red's post.


  1. So where do the DNR shirts rank??

    1. The DNR shirts rank above and beyond anything that you can find in a swag bag!! Of course!

  2. Haha. Those bad's are BAD. At least they are too-big, which means you can sleep or bum around in them?

    1. That's exactly what I am using them for... I just don't have the heart to put them into the donation pile!

  3. How on earth is that first shirt even remotely considered small?!?!? Thanks for joining in on the cause!!!!!!!!

    1. Not at all, they just gave us their leftovers, which is fine if I do same day registration, but I pre registered for that one...

  4. I didn't even post any of my cotton t-shirts. I'm getting so picky that I won't even sign up for the race if they don't offer a tech shirt!

    Here's my post:

    1. Hehe... I honestly never paid much attention what kind of shirt would be in the swag bag, but recently, I hardly got any cotton anymore.