Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Month in Review: November


Since December is already almost a week old, I think it's about time to review November. ;-)

November was my first full month of off season, that didn't quite feel like off season anymore by the end, since two-a-days popped up on my schedule again.

The big event for the month for being part of Team D.N.R. at the Ragnar Relay Tennessee and I milked that race report for what is was worth.

Due to the end of daylight savings and shorter days, my biking has dramatically dropped and consists now mostly of spin classes and one ride on the weekend. The big biking highlight was the new fit on the Speed Concept that hopefully is going to prevent further backpain crazyness. I also did a cycling clinic on one Saturday and spend 4 hours cycling around the band practice field at Furman trying to improve my cycling skillz. We did all kinds of crazy things and let me tell you that cycling in wet grass is exhausting, but it's so much better in the case you fall off the bike. Yep, that happened too. We also did some climbing and descending practice on the lower part of Paris Mountain. Good stuff all around.

The biggest change from previous months were in the yoga and strength department. Those numbers are up up and up. I did a lot of yoga and foundation practices earlier this month and it helped a lot with my back pain. I have been pain free all month. We also added back in a lot of functional strength and core strength and hopefully that is going to make me a stronger and faster runner and cyclist overall.

And there is CrossFit. CF makes me sore... very sore... all the time. There will be a separate post.

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  1. i definitely think yoga and strength training are needed for balance and all that jazz. i'm just not good at actually doing it :)