Friday, December 9, 2011

2 down, 2 to go

Yesterday, I finished my second week of CrossFit (CF) from the four week CF deal. Since I wanted to make most out of those four weeks, I decided to try to make every morning class this week (Monday through Thursday), if my body will let me.

Truth to be told, I was thiiiiiis close to reset my alarm to later, but I am so glad got it done. Every workout feels great, once you got it out of the way right?

Here is an example of one of the workouts at HIT CrossFit in Simpsonville:

dumbbell presses 3/3/3
dumbbell Bulgarian split squat 8/8/8/8

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 10 (minutes)
15 barbell row
30 tuck jumpsThose workouts never look like much on paper, but they sure kick butt. They do suggest how much weight you put on (different numbers for guys and girls), but so far I did almost all of the workouts with lighter weights. I can feel myself getting stronger and maybe I'll be able to do the suggested weights in my last session. That sounds like a goal to shoot for! ;-)

While I don't think I had much of an opinion (good or bad) about CF before I started, there are several things that I didn't expect:
  • We do real weight lifting moves and such. Seriously, I was completely surprised that the first move I made was a bench press. In the meantime, I learned what a box squat, thruster, power snatch, shoulder press etc is. By the way... It's all free weights. There is not a single machine in the whole gym.
  • You are going to lift real weight. This is not some light weight fifty reps type stuff... You load the thing up and then squeeze out 3x5 reps and you have done it right if you almost can't do the last one... AND: You are going to be surprised how much weight you can lift.
  • Real weights hurt. While you expect heavy weights to stress your muscles, I was surprised on how much my hands hurt. I understand that I have sissy hands and they just need some time to grow some nice calluses.
  • The first week I was hungry all the time. It was ridiculous, but also showed me that this stuff kicked my metabolism up a notch. Now it seems like my hunger levels are back to normal.
Light bulb moments for me:
  • I can do squats until the cows come home, but my arms turn into noodles about 5 reps in.
  • Along the same lines: I only seem to get sore from the rib cage up.
  • The biggest surprise for me: I LOVE THE WHOLE THING! LOVE IT!!
About HIT CrossFit:

I don't have any reference point since this is the only "box" I have been to, but I have a feeling that we ended up at a good place. The instructors are really helpful and constantly correcting form and proper technique and explain the movements when doing the lifting, since you can certainly do a whole lot wrong and hurt yourself if you don't do it right.

At the beginning, I was hoping those 4 weeks will be over soon and yesterday morning after realizing, that I am already half way through, I am a little sad that I only have two more weeks to go. I am really contemplating on doing another month, even though the place is logistically a nightmare for me. I still have a couple more weeks to decide.

"Every time a girl dead lifts, an angel gets their wings."
~ HIT CrossFit t-shirt print


  1. Wade over there is awesome. I don't know if Dan is still there, but he's great too.

  2. Would love to try Crossfit sometime, but i think that extensive a routine would be much for me. I am totally with you on doing squats all day and getting tired with upper arm exercises. I'm trying to rectify that slowly and surely without bulking up too much.