Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Month in Review: October

Only two more months left in this year... The holiday season is upon on us and with it comes candy, casseroles and celebrations.... and Christmas decorations and Christmas music... shoot me now! My husband calls me "grinch", which I don't think I am... I am just getting tired of all things Christmas by mid December... I am overdosed by it!!

But before I continue to foresee my mental state a month down the road, let's look back at the month of October first.

October was a solid month in terms of training. I am happy to see the running miles going up and starting to hope that maybe, just maybe I can beat my 2010 running miles after all. This month also saw the return of yoga and I can already see an improvement in how my body feels.

Early October was all about sucking it up and get the last couple of weeks of training in even though I sure didn't feel like it anymore.

I was racing my last triathlon of 2011 and ended the season on a semi high note... Leaving me hungry for more and kicking off the goal setting for the off season.

While the temps have cooled down a little, the fall foliage is still fully blown in the area and I hope, we'll be able to continue to enjoy this throughout November.


  1. ragnar will be fun and then we can bum around for a few weeks!!

  2. (well, i'll be bumming for more than just a few weeks)