Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sore is the new Normal

I am sore! I am sore for several days now.

You would think that somebody that has constantly quite a high training volume wouldn't be this sore, but off season and "mixing it up" is officially kicking my butt.

The source of most of the butt kicking, seem to be the "Foundation" exercises that I am trying to do on a daily basis now. I thought, that eventually the soreness has to go away. While the basic exercises are slowly feeling easier (two weeks of basics before moving on to the next level), the soreness continues. Sitting in an office chair all day sure doesn't help... Getting up every couple of hours makes me walk like a cowboy that has been in the saddle for too long until the muscles loosen up a little. It's quite a pitiful sight, that I accompany with a little of colorful lanuage (muttered under my breath - it's the office after all!).

For today, I had a trainer ride or spin class on tap. I opted to ride the spin bike at the Y by myself - meaning, not part of a class. I have been so sore lately, that I didn't want to push it at all and give my legs and butt a chance to finally be not sore... But even the easy spinning felt hard today.

That means, I have to skip a day or two of the "Foundation" workouts or flow through some of the moves faster. One of the exercises is a modified version of the chair pose in yoga and I normally hold it pretty long and by the time I do the 3rd set, it burns... burns like my legs and butt is on fire... In general that's an effect you are looking for, but remember, I do have Ragnar Tennessee coming up and from Friday PM to Saturday PM, I will have to run around to 14 miles over three runs (5.9, 3.0 and 5.2). This is pretty much shortest distance that you can run at Ragnar TN... This way, my team mates don't have to catch up too much after I blew the pace average. Good that we are not competitive.

BUT, we are creative. Actually, only one of our team mates is creative and pretty good with Photoshop, so please enjoy the design for our team sweat shirts.



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  1. The sweats turned out great!

    I'm interested as to the excercises you're doing. And I know how stiff the office makes the legs! Humorous sometimes to try to "walk" to the printer.