Sunday, October 16, 2011

So much for....

Trying to catch up on my blog posts.... It's going to happen eventually.

Right now I am making use of the time that I lay awake in bed. Given, it's not that early anymore, but I already caught up on emails, Facebook, twitter and word with friends when I remembered the blog and that my last update was last Monday.

First of all, I am kind of mad that I wasn't able to sleep longer, especially since yesterday was a rough day and I felt like sleeping anything less than 10 hours isn't going to help.... And here we are, wide awake, but at least I feel halfway recovered.

What's going on???

Well, I was in my last higher volume week for the season before my last triathlon this Saturday. All I have left to do is a ten miler today and next week is going to be much less volume. Can't wait! I am hanging by a thread.

Of course, my last week of higher volume is perfectly timed to coincide with the arrival of our new bedroom furniture and a pretty big switcheroo of rooms in the house that left us (well Terry did most of this) with paint jobs, cabling work, breaking down and building up of furniture... A smaller task, but still quite time consuming was the reorganization and the cleaning and the sorting and trying to not go insane.

It starts to come together. We made a lot of progress yesterday, but collapsed after dinner completely exhausted and sore. A 45 mile bike ride and working in the house for the rest of the day will do that to you.

With that being said... I am now going to start this day! Ready or not, here I come!

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