Monday, October 3, 2011

Maiden Voyage

In case you already forgotten how pretty and shiny it is! ;-)

Three years ago, when I started to look for a road bike, I had no clue about bikes. I am still no pro, when it comes to bikes, but I learned a thing or two in the last couple of years. I never regretted the purchase of the Ruby. It's a neat bike. I like it a lot.... I put around 6,000 miles on it... That's how much I like it, but I just felt I was outgrowing the bike a little.

I was looking for tri bikes on and off for the last year and now, we pulled the trigger. I am still all excited! ;-)

So after coming back from Germany on Tuesday, I headed to the bike shop right after work on Wednesday to get fit to my new toy. The adjustment took around an hour, but it was decided not to cut the aero bars, before I have a couple of miles on it.

Saturday, it was time to take the girl out for her maiden voyage and it was one crappy ride, but not because of the bike.... The bike is great and I really enjoy it. The problem with the ride on Saturday, was the fact, that I haven't been on a bike in two weeks and that the wind just sucked all life out of me. I was shooting for 50 that day and ended up with 33 miles. Not my proudest moment, but I felt like I had nothing left in my legs and just didn't want to push through another 17 miles, just to make the numbers match.

Even though I cut the ride short, it still was enough time spend on the bike, to give some feedback at the bike shop for some more adjustments, so I headed right back there (after my brick run). We moved the aero bars around some more and the seat and I think this is going to be one smooth ride. I was really surprised, that I didn't have any neck pain after 30 miles, considering, I haven't been riding in a couple of weeks.... That bodes well in terms of comfort on the bike!!!

I am also really excited, that I will be able to ride the bike at my last race of the season.... Now all is left to do, is getting my legs back... ;-)

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  1. I'm glad the new fit seems to have eliminated the neck problems! Surely the legs will bounce back quickly. Now I will never keep up with you should we ever ride! :)