Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Typical Perks

Was my last post really last Friday? How did that happen? Dunno, but I just didn't have that much to say, didn't feel much like sharing.... Hmmmm... Stuff, you know?

Basically it was the typical weekend/ beginning of the week, but with perks... There are always perks, as long as you care to look for them:

Typical: spend a couple of hours on the bike
Perk: catch up with a friend, I haven't ridden with in a year
Bonus Perk: having a super fast (for me) brick run afterwards
Typical: run errands
Perk: stop by a couple of bike shops and start scooping the market for a tri bike... yeah yeah yeah

Typical: run 10 miles
Perk: run into friends on the trail
Typical: household duties
Perk: a long phone conversation with a friend I haven't talked to in several months

Okay, Monday was really just typical. Good swim though.

Typical: almost killing myself on 2x 5 mile time trials on the bike
Perk: my husband complimenting me on how strong of a cyclist I am

Typical: going round and round at the track
Perk: getting cold while japping away between intervals.... I love this weather right now!
Typical: going to the pool after work, because the pool was supposed to be closed for maintenance starting tomorrow, only to find out that they postponed the work
Perk: getting to sleep in tomorrow morning, because I already got my swim out of the way

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  1. A+ for positive attitude. :)

    So Tuesday night I didn't fall asleep til 5:30am...and have to get up at 6:30 for wrk. My phone singed when you made a WWF move and I just thought to myself great! She's getting up and I still haven't slept.