Saturday, August 20, 2011

Know Better Than That

Instead of making plans for today's ride, I left it in the hands of my sleep needs. If I wake up on time to make the drive to Clinton SC for the Flight of the Dove ride, I would go.... If I slept longer than 6am, than I would ride from the house.... with no ride date... just me, myself and I. Well, that was not a good idea and should have known better that, because me track record for unstructured Saturdays are not very good.

The good news is... I got some extra sleep. The bad news... I was lollygagging around for way too long after waking up. Actually, Terry came back home after his long run this morning and was all: "What are you still doing here????".... Well, I was just a little too absorbed in reruns of "Big Rich Texas" (don't judge) and general laziness.

After Terry already gave up hope on me to ever roll my lazy butt out of bed, I managed it somehow anyways! ;-)

I finally was on the bike at 11.30am... Great job, Kathrin!!

Last night, I mapped out a ride on a couple of new roads and a lot of old roads from the house. It was more rolling than I thought I would be, especially since was supposed to stick to flatter terrain for my workout. Oh well. This way, the medium and the hard effort portions were just extra special! I made it all the way to Pumkintown and back on the back roads.... with a couple of extra loonies that felt like yelling at cyclists today.

Seriously, how awesome is that name for a town??

I heard, that this store has great burgers, so far, I haven't tried out yet.

Once my hard efforts were done, I was toast. For little while, I wondered if I will have to call Terry to pick me up, because I bonked.... Fortunately, the jelly beans finally kicked in and I made it back to the house.

 After a little stretching, I did a little photo shoot with Ms Karma....


  1. This sounds like my schedule last weekend! I had great intentions of getting up & going but lazed around for a long time...but I didn't start my ride until after 2:00pm! Better to get a ride in eventually than not at all, right?

    And I love that you said "lollygagging"! One of my favorite words ever!

  2. hey that looks like a show i'd watch, no judgment here.

    at least you got out for the ride! i would have hemmed and hawed about how 'late' / hot it was and probably not gone...

  3. We all need lazy days every now and then, and you still got a ride anyway. Love the dog pic.