Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Finish Friday 8/19/2011

I almost fell off the band wagon on the photo project, but alas... here we go:

My attempt to capture the mountains on my way home.
Unfortunately, I picked the worst weather for trying to do that.

 One of my co-workers got a flower delivery this week.
Very pretty flowers indeed.

This is a fraction of my shoe collection.
I need to do some organizing.

Dinner at a new Italian place down the road.
Looks good, but didn't wow me.

This is a fraction of my CD collection from back in the day.
Eventually, those need to be converted in MP3s.... Eventually.

I do have a bag in my bag... 
Crazy stuff! ;-)

This is obviously not my picture.
We are in the process of looking at a new bedroom set.

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