Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Finish Friday 8/12/2011

I used to be a gymnast.
And we used to have a swing between the dining room and the living room.
Once we were old enough, we graduated from the swing to those rings.
Under the rings: A thin rug and a tile floor.
Here's to growing up in the 80's and we still live to tell the tale.

I am not sure, if these tree faces are new or if I just never noticed them before.
They are on one of my dog walk routes that I don't do that often.

It says "technology" and not "high tech"! ;-)
This is a fire hydrant close to our house.
All of the hydrants in the neighborhood are painted with those colors.

My attempt at performing a spinal twist.
It's been a long time since my last yoga class.

Before all my time was consumed with triathlon training,
I dabbled in jewelry making.
This is a very simple pendant that always draws attention.

A route marker for a local ride.
I would really like to find a cue sheet for this ride,
because it passes our house.

Due to spring storms, we still have some tree carnage in the yard.
Even though the tree is long dead by now, this little leave is going strong.

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  1. it's amazing how any of us are still alive today... hopefully our peers who procreate will not raise their kids in bubbles...

    i took 1/2 a year of gymnastics. i was too scared to do a backbend from standing.