Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Voting as been extented!! GO SRT!

Forget what I said yesterday about it being the last day of voting for the 250K USD grant for the Swamp Rabbit Trail improvements on Pepsi Refresh.


@Lindsay: Thanks for letting me know that voting has been extented... I already deleted my daily reminder and everything! ;-)

So as an active member of this community, pls give yourself the Christmas gift of an improved trail and take the time to vote! PLEEEEEASE!

You use these ways to record two votes every day: 
·         text 104074 to PEPSI(73774)

In order to vote on Pepsi Refresh, you will have to create a user account. If you choose to text your vote, no registration is necessary.

As of today, the SRT moved to #75... Slowly, but surely... ;-)

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  1. LOL no worries. i am just glad i went and checked cause i was gonna delete the "widget" from my blog!