Thursday, December 2, 2010

And Then, I Pushed "Submit"

Earlier this year, I was working the package pickup (with other people of course) for the Assault on Mt Mitchell and Marion (AOMM). I always thought this race is CRAZY! But then you are standing around at the expo and see all these people come through... All excited about the race and the wheels in my head started turning. Maybe it wouldn't be all that crazy to try to go out for this???

After the initial "I'll do Mt Mitchell next year!", I started to think about it a little... You know, all the training that you have to put in for a 100 mile bike race up to the highest point East of the Mississippi. The race is in May, so that means you have to ride through the winter and really, the trainer and spin classes alone won't cut it anymore. All those hours on the road alone... I guess, training for this alone* was holding me back mentally the most.

*There are "Mt Mitchell" training rides, but they are posted at speeds that are just not going to happen for me.

Well and then I talked to one of my training buddy tri girls and turns out that she had this race loosely on her radar and with her decision of a late in the year Ironman, her schedule cleared up to train for Mt Mitchell. AWESOME!

So all that was left to do right now, was to push "submit" for the 2011 membership of the Spartanburg Freewheelers.

You are right, this is not a registration for AOMM, the registration is not open yet. But in order to get a shot at even registering for this event, you have to be a member of the Freewheelers for that year. There are a couple of hundred slots that are sold to the general public, but they go very fast, so becoming a member is the way to go.

To "celebrate" the decision, my training partner, hubs and I did a nice long bike ride today. We rode from Tigerville, to Flat Rock, to Saluda and back to Tigerville. Garmin said that it was a total of 6,000 ft (cumulative) climbing over 45 miles. More about that ride tomorrow.... Time to chill or better yet, warm up, since the ride was chilly enough! ;-)

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  1. my dad used to ride AOMM all the time. he sometimes was able to hook people up with a bib # but i don't know if he can still do that (i think he used to know the club pres and/or race organizer? but i think that person is different now?) i'll definitely ask though if you don't get in this way...