Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Day Off - Just because

Yesterday, I was off... Just to burn some vacation and I had a to do list thiiiiiiiis long. And by the end of the day, almost nothing was crossed off my to do list, but I got a good long ride in! ;-)

One of my chores was getting a new driver's license, but of course, I left the building without one. It's unbelievable, what kind of documentation you have to bring along to get a new one.... ARGGGGH. Of course, there wasn't enough time to go back to the house, get the missing stuff and then come back to the DMV without jeopardizing the ride... Not going to happen... Driver's license or not!

Well, I met up with my training partner at 11am and on the way to the meeting point, I already got hungry. Breakfast was several hours ago by that time and my body wanted something, especially with a 50 mile ride ahead. These days, I just don't feel like eating my gel blasts or any other "performance nutrition" for that matter. Good thing, that my stomach is not very fussy on the bike... Or so I thought. Anyways, before we headed out, I had a good old Snickers bar. YUMMO! ;-) I guess, it was a king size bar... They make my hands look small!

That Snickers bar talked to me for a long time. Not so much at the beginning of the ride, but half an hour into it, we had two hard 10 minutes climbing efforts up the watershed  and after that, my stomach was a little angry with me. When we stopped at the Deli in Flat Rock, Stacy got me some Tums and the world was good again! ;-)

The weather was much better compared to last week and when we crossed the North Carolina state line I had to snap a picture, because 1) to capture the blue sky and 2) because I always think it's cool to cross the state line on the bike! ;-)

Even with the tummy ache, this was all in all a good ride. Hopefully, next Thursday, the weather will be decent so we can get another nice long ride in before we are traveling over the holidays.

Today, was a much easier workout day. In the morning, I did a Pilates class at the Y and once again was surprised in how challenge those classes are. I think, I will be sore tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I did a short run to see how my knee is doing these days. I took the doggy along with the "Buddy System".

We just got this new dog leash and so far, I haven't tried it out for running, but I have to say, I am pretty pleased. Of course, Karma is not always cooperative, but after the initial two miles to wear her out a little, it worked like a charm.

I had the belt around my hips and this way, the doggy's excess energy was used to pull me forward.... The four miles felt like a breeze, the knee doesn't yell at me and we have a tired puppy at the house now. WIN-WIN-WIN situation! ;-)

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