Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Sweet Smell Of Chlorine

Right now, all the swimming that I do is mostly focused on technique and not speed. A lot of drills and if I just swim I am supposed to do it with perfect form. Between watching what the position of my head is, if my torso rotates, that my arms don't cross center line etc I would hardly have a chance to be speedy. But as the form is getting better and more efficient, speed will come... That's the idea anyways.

I tried to sign up for Tri Swim Classes at the Middle Tyger YMCA, but those are not set-up in the computer yet. At least I was able to find out how much it is going to be for members and once again, I think USD 25.- for a month of swim classes is not bad at all. So from January until April I will be in the pool every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Can't wait... NOT! While I enjoyed the group of people this year and really feel that I improved my swimming a lot during that time, I am not looking forward to have to get into this COLD pool at 6AM twice a week, walk into the office with the google imprints around my eyes, smell like chlorine all day long, no matter how long I showered afterwards and feel hungry for the rest of the day, because the cold water is sucking everything out of me.

Yesterday, I had my last (regular training) swim on tap before the classes are starting up again. I tried to do flip turns! It was pathetic! ;-) Last year after the classes were done, I taught myself bi-lateral breathing, so why not try to teach myself a flip turn? There is still room for improvement and I will keep working on it. Of course you don't need a flip turns for open water swims, but so many sprint tris around here are done with pool swims and then it could actually be an advantage... Turn faster and while you do so, knock out a couple of your competitors.... JUST KIDDING.

Source of picture here.

Actually looking at this illustration already helps... Visualize... Always visualize! ;-)

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