Friday, December 11, 2009

Doesn't Feel Like A Recovery Week

I read a thing or two in the last two years about running/ triathlon training, so the words "training cycles" and "recovery weeks" are not completely foreign to me... The theory behind it isn't either, but like the track workouts, it wasn't something that I really implemented in my training. So after five weeks on the coach's plan, this was my first recovery week... That I can recall anyways.

And what a week it was. The running was toned way down compared to last week. I was running for time more than for mileage and honestly, after the 10-miler last Sunday, my legs felt like lead on both of my runs so far this week. Other than the running, I got two strength sessions in, two swims and an outside bike ride on Wednesday.

To finish the recovery week off, I have an 8-miler on tap for tomorrow and another bike ride Sunday (trainer or outside depends on weather). The run should be on a trail. That might won't happen... The trail portion I mean. Tomorrow, Terry will run his first marathon in Charlotte and I am going to be up there with him... Cheering him on... My initial thought was to bring the hybrid along and ride to a couple of points on the course to snap pictures. Since the weather forecast for tomorrow is COLD (between 28F and 39F with 10% chance of precip) and I also have to do this run, I might bag the bike idea and get my run out of the way, while Terry is doing his race... I thought about doing the run somehow strategically, that I get at least at one point pictures of him on the course and then retire to a warm place for the remainders of the race and get my X-Mas cards done. Brilliant! We'll see what the reality of tomorrow will look like.

In the nutrition department things have been a little all over the place. The week started out pretty good and somehow I made a wrong turn midweek and haven't gotten back on track quite yet. First of all, I seem to be always hungry and of course I do have a sweet tooth, but since the temperatures haven plummeted, I feel like stuffing myself with carbs all day long... And I don't hold back a lot. I always had the opinion that winter (crap! it's really winter already?) is not the time for being on a diet. On the other hand, that shouldn't be an excuse to pack on the pounds. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet... Somehow, after a couple of days of indulging in everything sugar, I make it back on the bandwagon eventually.

Last night we made it out to the Salsa club for the first time since Halloween. When I am there, I always wonder, why we hardly make it anymore since it's always a lot of fun. Of course things have changed a lot since we first started going. When I started Salsa, it was pretty much the only exercise I would get that week. Nowadays, by the time 9PM Thursday rolls around, I was up since 5AM that morning and have had at least one workout already that day. And dancing is exercise - believe me. I was on the floor almost the whole time last night which is TONS OF FUN, but I was exhausted after 1.5 hours. My feet in those heels where killing me and I almost got my shoulder dislocated by an over-enthusiastic dance partner... And yes, I LOVE to spin, but yesterday my stomach wasn't that crazy about it.

Even though this is still a recovery week, things have gotten very busy between work, workouts, social commitments, Christmas errands and having contractors in the house. But in a week from now, we will be already in Germany and getting pampered by my parents and can start enjoying our vacation! I can't wait!

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