Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shouldn't you be packing boxes or something?

Yes, I should!

Tomorrow BF and buddy are getting all the stuff, that I can possibly box up, and move it to the house. But I don't pack stuff right now, I write the first post for a blog that I just created today. My conscience is almost clean when it comes to the moving activities: 1) I made good progress over the last couple of days, 2) I am capable of pulling an all-nighter if I have to, but honestly think I will be running out of boxes by 12AM and 3) my lease is not up until 8/31 and whatever is left over tomorrow afternoon will be taken care of over the weekend.

The reason for me to sit here in front of my laptop instead of finishing the obvious task at hand is simple: I am terrified.

When it comes to moving, I am a pro. Including this one, I moved 11 times in almost 11 years. Out of those 11 years, I spent 4 years in the apartment that I am currently preparing to move out of. That leaves me with an average of 1.4 moves/year prior to "coming to America"… Pro status or not, I am still terrified. Change is always difficult, especially for a control freak such as myself. Still, I am also head controlled enough to decide on change (if I have a choice in the first place) based on a logical evaluation and then try to deal with the freaking out later. I guess, I am in the dealing stage now.

The things that are going to change are mostly: 1) living together with other people again, 2) keep a happy relationship happy, eventhough we are going to live together, 3) live in a household with a kid, 4) trying to squeeze in my regular training hours despite adding 1.5 hours to my daily communte, 5) having to rearrange my routine completely and 6) having a complete "house"hold rather than just having an "apartment"hold…. I know things are going to work out one thing at the time and until that happens, I just have to pluck along and try my best.
You might think I could have chosen a better time to start a blog and I think this is the best time ever to start a blog. I will open a new chapter in my life with this move (I know it sounds dramatic, but that's how I feel) and somehow that needs to be documented. Also, I have been more than sloppy when it comes to keeping friends and family back in Germany in the loop. I used to do send them epic e-mails summarizing several months at the time with the result, that people got so overwhelmed by the amount of information, that all they ended up looking at where the pictures attached. By upgrading to web 2.0 communication, I will give people a choice to check in with me on their schedule. It also presents the possibility to see the small stuff and not only the major events that I hammered into those e-mails.

The idea of having my own blog bounced around in my head for a while and time will tell how good I am to keep it up. And now I guess, it's finally time to get back to packing boxes.

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