Saturday, August 29, 2009

The race is in two weeks.... What to do??

A nice feature of BF's house is, that Paris Mountain State Park is basically in the backyard. So it was a short ride over there this morning to meet with some people from our Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) team for a training run up Paris Mountain. It's a 4.4 miles run (up and back down) and I was looking forward to it, because I haven't been running a lot lately due to the move, but also due to some pain on my right outer knee. This morning's run was my test on how things are going and if it felt good, I actually planned on doing another run to bring my day's total to 10 miles. Make a long story short, I did 0.5 miles and the pain was coming back... bad... even though I was wearing my brace. Instead of running through the pain, I stopped, got the dog from BF and did a walk around Lake Placid until the guys returned from their run.

I am worried, to say the least. Volume wise, I have backed up already for the past 1.5 weeks and there doesn't seem to be any improvement. And the BRR is not a race, where I can just go and if I can't finish due to an injury, I DNF and be done with it... of course it would suck, but what can you do. When you are a part of a relay team, things are getting a little more complicated. I honestly don't want to go to Virginia, only to be in pain from the first mile on... Walking my legs is not an option either, because of the seeding etc etc etc. That's a tough one. Today a friend joined us for the run, but he is not part of the team... I told him, it's possible that he has to be my backup... We'll see.

So while unpacking and organizing, I started to map out a plan for the next two weeks before the race. What I am thinking right now, is not to run until next Saturday. I will try to go on the elliptical a couple of times and then cycle and swim for my other workouts. I have to stretch EVERY day and ice the knee down. Last week, I ordered some kinesio tape but don't have a shipping notice so far. Hopefully it is going to arrive soon and what I hope even more, that it is going to work. The countdown is on, wish me luck.

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