Friday, August 28, 2009

"HAPPINESS"-Balance and Moving-"Ease"

Like anywhere else, food is readily available in my office and my co-workers are eager to ensure that we meet our daily calorie needs and beyond. I sometimes use the word sabotage in that context, especially when a race is coming up, but that's a post all by itself.

So, this morning I get to the office with a nice Dunkin' Donuts box sitting on the cabinet with pretty much the same content the DD box from last Friday had… Do you see the pattern?? Last week, I had enough willpower to withstand the temptation (really only because I knew, that there is going to be homemade birthday cake), but this morning I was weak. Packing boxes until 12.30AM last night and little sleep just made my willpower take a nap. So I had the donut (filled with chocolate mousse and covered with powdered sugar ) and it was YUMMIE.

How does a donut fit in my nutrition plan? Not at all, but I like deserts and sweets. It's not a coincidence that the name of this blog contains the names of two deserts. Sometimes it's very easy for me to avoid those foods all together and sometimes it isn't. Normally, I find a healthy balance between tons of good foods, some bad foods and exercise, that enables me to maintain my current weight and health…. And while we were joking this morning in the office about donuts, sabotage and trans fat, I named this healthy balance my "HAPPINESS"-Balance and that's how it works.
In the example of this morning, we had the negative influence that trans fat in a donut has on your LDL, offset by the positive influence the endorphins have, that are produced while consuming the donut. So we have a "HAPPINESS"-Balance. BUT this is only a short-term state, because if you repeat the donut-eating-process frequently enough, all the endorphins produced can not offset the negative influence your guilt has on your mood, when you don't fit in your favourite pair of jeans anymore. Obviously my observations are far from being scientific in any way, but the truth is, you have to treat yourself every now and then… Live a little, as they say. Life isn't any fun, if you can't indulge in things you like every now and then.

Speaking of trans fat, here is some interesting information. According to FDA labeling rules, manufacturers are allowed to write 0 grams of trans fat on their boxes, if there is up to 0.49 grams of trans fat contained per serving. Considering that the serving sizes are getting smaller and smaller to make the impression on the consumer that they are about to buy healthy foods, those 0.49 grams per serving can add up to quite some. Especially, because you should avoid trans fat in your diet completely due to the negative impact on your health.

The status on the moving front is, that we are done. As mentioned previously, I got all the boxes packed last night, it took me longer than expected, but I got it done with not a box to spare. The boys loaded the stuff up and my apartment is completely empty now. My original plan was to start unpacking tonight right away, but I will give myself a little break. I still can't believe, that this is it! A pleasant surprise was the ease in which it is possible to cancel phone/
Internet and cable service. You call and get disconnected the very same day. In Germany, you have to give the companies a three months notice to get service disconnected or moved... You have to give your landlord the same amount of time. Much easier around here... SWEET!

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