Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ode to South Carolina

In the Cleveland YMCA they have TVs in the locker rooms (and sofas in front of the TV). Crazy, don't you agree? I thought the whole idea of going to the gym is to get off the couch and away from the TV, but I guess that's just me. Anyways, while I was getting changed last Thursday, I saw this clip from SNL that I posted above. I thought that was VERY funny, but let me get something straight here... South Carolina doesn't deserve this! And it's not SNL's fault, but the politicians of this state seem to set us up for being joked about like this! The Sanford affair is still fresh on every one's minds and now the "You Lie!" incident... Nicely done! :-( Whenever my parents in Germany read something in the paper about SC, it's something bad... Good news don't travel this far about the state. But let me say this, SC see is a wonderful place and don't make conclusions on it based on those recent headlines (or old headlines... I heard bad representation of SC has a long tradition)!

Given that South Carolina is the only place I ever lived in the U.S. (though I visited several others) and also given, that I didn't choose this state to be my new home, because it was determined by where the company is, I feel very lucky!

And here are my top ten points why (applies mostly to the Greenville area):

1) the ocean is close
2) the mountains are even closer
3) the subtropical climate
4) the colorful mix of people that decided to make the area their home
5) downtown Greenville with Falls Park
6) Peace Center and Bi-Lo Center with great performances on a regular basis
7) the active running community
8) the active cycling community
9) the active Salsa community
10) downtown Charleston with the restaurants and bars

You see... Awesome state... People just completely misunderstand us... And it didn't take me long to put this list together.

If you don't have the privilege to live here, come visit. If you are related to me or if I know you personally, there is a good chance that you will have free accommodation to your disposal during your stay.

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