Thursday, September 10, 2009

Final Preparation before Take-Off

I can hardly remember a week, when I did less exercise than the days since my test run. I decided at the time to take it very easy and that's what I did and my volumes show that too. Of course, it's the right thing to do, but when you are used to working out all the time, it just feels wrong. On top of that, I am always very nervous about races, the working out and preparing myself for a race, helps me to feel more confident... This time, I will have to make it work without the feeling that I have done everything I should... I "just" did everything I could. But it is, what it is and when push comes to shove, I will have a whole team to back me up... Fortunately, I have one of the shortest legs that you can have in the Blue Ridge Relay.

Most of the packing for the relay was done yesterday. It's crazy how much stuff we got together, just for a 2.5 day trip. But really, a running trip just needs a little more preparation and stuff. Also, with conditions in the mountains constantly changing, we basically have packed everything from the short shorts to the running tights, from the singlet to the gloves and the armwarmers. As they say, there are no bad conditions, just poor clothing choices. Please remind me that I said that, when I have to run my "middle-of-the-night" leg, sleep deprived and in the rain! :-) The agenda for the rest of the day is a chiropractor appointment, last minute purchases for flashing lights and be at the meet up point on time. Then we will head out to Boone (NC) to stay there for the night. Tomorrow morning, we'll travel another 1.5 hours to the start line, pick up our packages, most likely we'll have to sign a mile-long waiver, get our group picture and send our first runner on the course. Then kick back and relax until it's our turn to run! Exciting! :-)

This morning, I took the puppy out for a nice long walk around the Furman Campus. Here is a visual for you:

Even as cloudy as it was this morning, you can still see the beauty of the place. In the front, you see Furman Lake with the tower and in the back the base of Paris Mountain, the top is covered in clouds. I know, I keep mentioning it, but it's just awesome, to have those two scenic landmarks in our backyard!

When we get back in town and caught up on the sleep some, I will post a race report and pictures.


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