Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Month in Review: September

Another month bites the dust and with that we are barreling down right into the holiday season. Scary thought much??

So September actually turned out to be an okay month. After readjusting to the heat and the humidity in SC, things started clicking again. I was clocking 10+ hour per week workouts and even put in a 15 mile training run. While the run was not pretty or fast, I got the miles in, which is always a good feeling, especially because I only do a couple of runs with that distance a year. When I came home after that 15 miler, I immediately noticed some random back spasms. By Monday afternoon, I was in so much pain, that I left work early to see the chiropractor. The spasms came so random and where so painful at time, that it took my breath away... The adjustment brought some relief, but I had to go back two more times that week and wasn't allowed to do any workouts. By the end of the week, I was pain free and just in time to complete a back to back century bike ride (ride report to follow). Which I did and was able to complete without any pain. So the next week, training was back on and clicking along nicely, but my legs were a little tired from the double century.

Last weekend then, I had my first triathlon in three months lined up and started having a sore throat Friday afternoon. A classic. Fortunately, the sore throat never developed into a full blown cold, but I still felt kind of deflated for the race. Still got it done and am fairly happy with the results all things considered (race report to follow). But after the race, the back pain returned. Not as bad as two weeks ago, but bad enough that I was once again at the chiropractor and am now back on workout restriction.

To be quite honest, I am thinking about pulling the plug at the rest of the season. Nothing will be decided today, but it's probably time to cut the losses at this point and focus on getting this funky back stuff under control without the added pressure of races lined up... After all, this is supposed to be fun and there will always be other races.


  1. oh no! i know how much that sucks :-/ super bummer. we will have to do some intense rehab sessions on the SRT like we did when mine was hurt! :)

  2. Hope you get the back issue figured out! Good month in spite of setbacks! Head up and listen to your body!