Monday, July 16, 2012

Road Trip

 I am baaaaaack! The last two weeks, we were on vacation in the Wild Wild West. My parents flew in from Germany and we met up in Las Vegas. We did a ton of stuff, so consider this the cliff note version of our trip before I go into the nitty gritty of it.

The oncoming cold that I mentioned in my last post ended up being a sinus infection that kept me company for most of my trip. There was also a little cough going on. In the two weeks, I did not swim, bike or run... We did a bunch of hiking and just really enjoyed this vast country. Now that I got a little break, I am also looking forward to training again.

With that being said, let's look at a couple of pictures!!!

Day 1: Travel to Las Vegas

Day 2: Las Vegas & La Reve

Day 3: Hoover Dam

Day 4: 4th of July Parade & Firework

Day 5: Valley of Fire State Park

Day 6: Zion National Park

Day 7: Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim

Day 8: Travel to Page AZ

Day 9: Rainbow Bridge & Antelope Canyon

Day 10: Monument Valley & Four Corners Monument

Day 11: Arches National Park

Day 12: Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky

Day 13: Capitol Reef National Park

Day 14: Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 15: Going Home!!!


  1. What a vacation! I've been to most of the early places. Looks like that overpass is finally built above Hoover Dam. They were still building it the last time I was there. Would love to visit Utah and Bryce Canyon more. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. welcome home! looks amazing in just little snippets. don't forget to send me that itinerary as i will def have to copy and paste this!