Thursday, September 1, 2011

Month In Review: August

One should never start each and every "Month in Review" post with the sentence: "Can you believe it's already May, June, July, August, SEPTEMBER"! But seriously, where is this year going??? Quite honestly, whenever I started working in finance and the month started to get structured in preparing for close, doing close, cleaning up after close and get everything else done.... Right around in there, I started noticing, how fast the months are flying by. So here we are: It's September. And while fall official starts sometime later this month, in South Carolina, we should have another solid two month of summery temperatures hopefully without the debiliating heat... I am counting on you SC weather! I feel so sorry for my family back in Germany for a pretty crappy summer this year and really have to hold back with the gloating... On the other hand, they feel sorry for me and the squishy bread I get to buy and the missing bike trail network. You win some and you loose some... And I am completely getting off track, because I am supposed to review the training for August.

So here goes nothing:

My cycling mileage for August is just a mere shadow of July's pedal fest, but I traded the missing cycling off with some intense swimming this month. The running is just a tad less than in July, but seriously, what are three miles in the grand scheme of things. And before anybody calls PETA about my dog not being walked enough: 1. I am not the only person in the household walking the dog and 2. she has been doing so good lately to not run off in the huge back yard, that a lot of the walks turned into playing fetch... good for her exercise, not so good for my exercise... oh well.

Otherwise, the month was also pretty busy with all of the above and two races: The Lake Logan International and Tri Toccoa Olympic.

I was hoping to be able to log a couple of more workouts on the Plus3 Network, but nothing to be done about it.

As declared sometime in August, that September will be my month of fun. I'll be traveling quite a bit and work is expected to get a little crazy (that's the not so fun part), so we'll see what I am able to do this month.

Oh... And it's my birthday month too... I have a big ticket item on my brithday list and just need to find a way to make it a reality! ;-)


  1. birthday month twins!! mine's the 14th.

    i was thinking the same thing about how the year is flying by! guess that's old age :)

    curious as to what non-squishy bread from germany is like. can't you get the stiffer loaves from the bakery section or earth fare/whole foods? or is that not the same thing?

  2. Good for you taking a month off. I'll be doing that with half of October, then starting some cross training in November.

    And yes, this year has flown by. I can't believe it'll actually be cold soonish.