Monday, November 16, 2009

Running Out Of Steam

Last week was a running week for me! Monday through Sunday I totaled close to 24 miles. For a lot of people that isn't much, but for me that is double the weekly mileage that I logged on average since my knee injury before the Blue Ridge Relay (and that was in September!).

Monday was a run with the coach, Wednesday the track workout, Friday a taper run, Saturday the 5K Turkey Trot (race report by tomorrow - promise!) and yesterday a trail run... In between those runs was also a swim, a strength workout and a trainer ride sprinkled in for some flavor. And then yesterday while on the trails in Paris Mtn State Park, my wheels came off somewhere between the North Lake and Kanuga trail.

Yesterday morning, Terry and I went out to grab some breakfast. My choice on the menu was scrambled eggs, hash browns and pecan pie pancakes. I know, not very healthy, but it's the weekend, I have been good all week and I felt like it! The food came, I picked on the eggs and on the hash browns and didn't quite have a taste for it, so I went with the pancakes full force. 3/4 through, I felt the sugar rush and it turned my stomach... I tried to dilute the sugar in my stomach with frantic water intake, but too late... I felt nauseous. That was at around 9am. At 1pm, I finally felt like my old self again. I have always been very sensitive with food and once I feel sick to my stomach, it takes quite a while to get better again.

So by the time, I finally felt better, we talked about heading out for the planned trail run. And then of course I didn't wanted to eat anything before we go, because I felt like the motion of the mountain would put me back into square one for the day in no time. BIG MISTAKE!

By 3PM we finally made it to Paris Mtn. A quick discussion in front of the map about the route. I was supposed to run 1h 20mins and shoot for 7.5 miles, but the time was more important than the distance. So we headed out Brissy Ridge Trail and from there over Pipissewa to North Lake. At mile 2.7, we were about to turn onto Kanuga when I had to stop and catch my breath. I felt like my heart is jumping out of my chest, but when I looked at the HR monitor it actually wasn't that bad. We started off on Kanuga and the first half of the trail was uphill and I hiked up the steep sections and jogged when the trail flattened out and then hiked again when it got steeper. By the time I was on the ridge, I didn't even feel like jogging on the flat portions. This was when Terry told me that if the body can't do it anymore, the mind has to take over and pushing now would be good training. I know he's right saying something like that, but at that moment, I just wanted to give up. But at least the worst of the trail was behind us. The rest of Kanuga was a rolling slight down hill, which Terry said felt like riding a roller coaster. When Kanuga hit Brissy Ridge Trail again, we started run/ hiking again back to the parking lot. At the parking lot, we headed out to a fairly flat portion of Sulphur Trail, but soon turned around since I just didn't have anything left in the tank.

The trail run was a total of six miles in 1h 17mins. It wasn't fast and it shouldn't have been this hard, but what do I expect my body to do, if I send it out to work on an empty tank. Live and learn... once again.

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